the sailings of the Semois by canoe – kayak, is a great tradition in BELGIUM


The Semois river rises in Arlon, in the far south of Wallonia. She crosses the Gaume than the Ardenneto merge into the Maas in France. A calm and peaceful river she is appreciated for its beautiful landscapes and rare nature. With her many kilometeres, she is considerd as one of the best destinations for kayaking in Belgium.

The Valley of the semois, between history and nature.
Discover the Valley of the Semois by kayak, is also a valley with a lot of history and nature. Starting from Bouillon with its castle-fortress, is a true adventure. You will discover landscapes formed by man and nature. You will discover different species; Beavers, otters, watersnakes and kingfishers ...
The other pleasures of the Semois
At Alle-sur-semois, the joy of the Semois is more than just kayaking. It is also the bathing, aqua-bike, fishing, relax at our small beach and take advantage of all the other fun activities in our recreation centre. www.recrealle.com