The current general terms and conditions of sale shall apply to any contractual relationship entered into the site by Récréalle or between Recrealle and third parties A contractual relationship by the site by Récréalle will be immediatly agreed with récréalle, a nameless partnership that is stationed in rue Léon Henrard 16, 5550 Alle-Sur-Semois.


Identity of the company Recrealle S.P.R.L.
Récréalle S.P.R.L.
Rue Léon Henrard, 16
5550 Alle sur Semois - Belgique
Tel : 32(0)61 50 03 81
Fax: 32 (0)61 50 15 71
e-mail de contact : Recrealle@recrealle.be

VAT – number of the company : BE 0432.826.866

the rental of kayaks on the site of Recrealle have a price quote. Except as otherwise expressly stated, the offer is valid as long as it's on the site. In the case of error in price, Recrealle not be held liable. A promotional coupon or special discount cannot be cumulated with cash with the purchase of a ticket via the internet.

Conclusion of a contract of sale

1) the conclusion of a valid contract of sale, the steps below must be met. This service is available in the following languages: French, Dutch and English.

  • 1st step "identification": we invite you to fill in the current reservation form on our website.
  • 2nd step "selection of Kayaks and equipment": the purchaser selects the kayaks and equipment that he needs and how many and the duration you want.
  • 3rd step: "Summary": a summary file of the command is displayed with the following items: order number, number of kayaks and equipment type leased, total price and address. 
  • 4th step: "Payment": the purchaser selects the method of payment. You receive a message that the buyer accepts or refuses the payment .
  • 5th step: «Print»: the ticket after validation of payment, the buyer can prnt the ticket (s) in .PDF or .jpg format. Tickets are printable on A4 paper black and white or in color. 


2)price reduction

when the payment happens online, you will get a 10% discount on the amount of your order.


3) consent of the purchaser. 

The buyer gives his permission when the page appears at step 4: this step allows to correct any errors and to confirm his order. 

4) conclusion of the contract

the contract is concluded at the moment when the seller receives the approved confirmation of the order by the buyer. 

Electronic evidence:

general terms and conditions of sale for e-tickets :once printed on white paper or on your smartphone, your E-ticket will be the only and unique ticket. In the case of a print, it should be perfect, all elements must be readable without any confusion. In the opposite case, the ticket will be refused. Any barcode represents one single ticket and is valid only until the last date mentioned. Any attempt to abuse, forgery or fraud, will probably be legally prosecuted.

Terms of payment

the buyer pays the price of purchases using a way of payment which by Europe bank. This payment module is directly managed by the company Europe bank; None of the information with regard to the payment is sent to Recrealle.
RECREALLE refuses any responsibility in relation to the online payment process. After registration of the payment, Recrealle responds with a confirmation by e-mail to the buyer. 
Purchased tickets will be directly printable for the buyer through its own printer.
The bank information that it contains, is sent directly to the company Europe bank that manages and secures the online payment. RECREALLE assumes no knowledge of payment-related information.
If the buyer wants a facture, he will be requested to ask a facture by one of our members. ,in each case all accounting documents don't be later than the day of delivery and be sent by mail as soon as possible.

Policy of Refund

a purchase by the customer, the ticket (s) could not be exchanged, resold or refunded.
A ticket bought In any case will not be eligible for compensation, even in the situation where the ticket was not used by the customer.
The only condition that justifies a replacement or refund of an activity is an unexpected closure or that the level of the Semois is way too high or too low.


complaints about the quality of B.V.B.A. RECREALLE should be submitted and will be treated that same day by the Manager or the file manager. Complaints that will be considered as uncontrollable retroactively and are not eligible for a price reduction, refund or a commercial gesture.


when buying online tickets, the buyer can priny , after validation of the payment, the ticket (s) in .PDF or .jpg format. This should be printed on A4 paper black and white or in color. And be presented on site, the day of the descent, before departure.

respecting the intellectual property

rights of intellectual property of the site and its elements are the property of Recrealle or third parties. The sales contract concluded between Recrealle and the buyer does not to the include the right to copy, reproduce, download, post, transmit or distribute any of the elements of the site of Recrealle.

Protection of privacy

Recrealle agrees that confidentia l information provided by our client will not be accesible to strangers , except in the case of dispute on the express request of the Court or at the request of a public authority, by the legislation in force. 

Competent jurisdiction and applicable law

any dispute relating to the site of Recrealle is governed by Belgian law. Dinant courts and appeal courts are only competent.