Do I have to book my kayak?

We advise you to book in advance in order to avoid surprises. You can make a reservation on our website or contact us on the following phone number: + 32 (0)61 50.03.81

Can I pay BY card?

We accept all paymethods by cards. We encourage you to minimize your cash budget in order to avoid surprises. The risk exists that the kayak turns around (if it is not because of the flow, it will be because of your friends).

When is kayaking forbidden on the Semois ?

Kayaking on the river depends on the weather.
In case of heavy rain : the waterleven can change dramatically from one day to another so sometimes we have to stop the activity for security reasons.
In case of drought : the Walloon Region can prohibit the kayaking on the river in order to protect the environment.
In both cases we try to inform our customers as soon as possible. U can check the waterlevel at the following website: Waterlevel

For who? From what age?

The Semois is a river which is accessible to everyone, from 2 to 77 years old, and no experience is requiered to enjoy the kayaktrip! It is important though that you do not overestimate yourself. Do not try for example the trip Alle - Vresse (7 km 2h) if it is your first time.
Concerning groups, they have to be surrounded by at least 2 responsible persons for 15 children. The location of boats to desabled persons is allowed if a number of monitors are with them. For their security, we will ask to put a life jacket.

Am I able to stand up everywhere in the water?

The depth of the Semois has an average of 1 meter. Life jackets are available for free.

What do I have to take in the kayak?

We recommend you to take the following: sun cream, cap/Hat, sun glasses, closed shoes which can be wet, a bottle of water, picknick

can i rent a kayak per hour ?

Yes, you can do canoeing on the water before our center.
Price : 5,00eur/pers. For an half an hour

Where can I leave my things? Can I get a waterproof container?

Waterproof buckets of 10 L are FREE at your disposal to keep your stuff dry. You can also put one or two little backpack in the kayak.

Do you have kayaks for 3 persons?

Yes, we have family-models. You can find a picture here. It is a kayak for 2 adults and 1 child under 10 years old.

Is it possible to eat on the go?

Along the river there are several places you can picknick at. Do not leave any garbage in the kayak, in the water or along the riverbanks. Think of the people coming after you
Respect the wildlife. We owe this to nature!
You also can stop to eat a snack, french fries or in a restaurant in one of the villages along the Semois.

What time do I have to be in your center?

Here you have the schedules :
Bouillon Alle the buses leave at 10h and 11h
Pour la descente Poupehan Alle the buses leave at 10h, 11h, 12h, 13h and 14h
Alle - Membre Between 9h and 16h ( you will start from our center)
Alle - Bohan Between 9h and 14h( you will start from our center)

We advise you to come towards our center 30 minutes before the buses leave

Where do I have to sign up?

Our headoffice is in Alle : Follow the signs RECREALLE or Centre Récréatif. Go along the Semois until our large parking The information office is after our midgetgolf in our brasserie.
Plan googlemaps

Some recommendations :

Foresee a complete set of clothes so you can change at the arrival.
At the end of the trip you can take a shower (2EUR) or change clothes in our free changing rooms. You can also cool off in our brasserie - restaurant.
Wearing shoes is advisable during your kayaking
Do not carry valuables, you might lose them in the river
Foresee sun cream, hats or caps for the little ones. Feel free to wear a life jacket.
Do not leave any waste on board of your kayak, along the river or in the water. Think about the persons behind you.
Respect the wildlife. We owe this to nature.
Respect the fishermen by not approaching their lines. They also want to enjoy their relaxing day.
We are not responsible for theft, loss or breakage of personal belongings.
Récréalle is not responsible for your wallets, rings, watches, cameras, etc... Take as less as possible with you.